High Quality Halo 3 OST (Disc 2) 15 - Bonus Tracks (Never Forget)

Never Forget es la canción 30 del Halo 3: Original Soundtrack y tiene una duración de 3:09 minutos. Aunque muy parecida a su predecesor Unforgotten, dura más y tiene un poco más de emoción o el sentimiento de "Nunca Olvidar".

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Never Forget:The people who fought in the wars.

Never Forget:The spartans that died fighting in the wars.

Never Forget: The Master Chief that ended the war.

Never Forget: Cortana who was our eyes in the all campaign in Halo.

Never Forget: Sgt.Forge, Sgt. Buck and Sgt. Johnson for protect and risk his lifes in action and dying with a purpose.

Never Forget: Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori for creating such nice music.

Never Forget: Bungie, who made the great game for the past years, and now will be leaving from Halo, handing the duty to 343 Studios, Bungie served and was now honorably discharged from Halo, now 343 Studios....

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