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LEGO Allied Forces Edit

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The LEGO Allied Forces, abbreviated L.A.F., was an elite group of three SPARTAN-Is deployed during the battles of Reach, Onyx, and Earth to protect vital UNSC personal. They all had four character call-signs, CT99, CT00, CT62. CT99 is a tribute to Shorty CT-99.

L.A.F. One L.A.F. One was killed in the process of stopping a group of Hunters from discovering Dr. Halsey's underground lab during the first battle of Sword Base.

L.A.F. Two L.A.F. Two was killed stopping Five Sentinels from killing Kurt during the battle of Onyx, however was his body was assumed to be one of the recruits.

L.A.F. Three SPARTAN-CT99 Sam is the only actual MIA of the LEGO Allied Forces unit, he was last seen stopping a large number of Flood from locating John-117 as he rode his Warthog over a gap to the UNSC frigate Forward Unto Dawn.

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