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A Field Master issuing orders to his troops while the Master Chief approaches.

Field Master is a very high position/office for the Covenant's Elites as it is in the Zealot offices. フィールドマスターは軍の少なくとも1つの軍団を指揮します。


フィールドマスター[1]はUNSC海兵隊「将軍」または「大佐」と等しい。 フィールドマスターは軍団全体、大隊規模またはより大きい部隊の指揮を執る。 通常人類の「将軍」は、戦場から数マイル離れてHQから命令を下しますが、フィールドマスターは逆に軍隊とともに進軍し前線指揮を執る、フィールドマスターは戦闘においてもっとずっと積極的な任務を占めます。 それらはその方面隊によって利用されたすべての機甲部隊、航空支援、および物質と同様にその軍団の中で属する種族のすべての戦士の指揮官です。 これの例は、施設04上の人に対して部隊を指揮したノガPutumeeです。

A Zealot Field Master usually worked alone in both games. Waiting for you to kill everyone else, then they'd attack by themselves. In Halo: Combat Evolved, Zealot Field Masters were a fairly common sight on any difficulty, usually guarding places of importance. On average, there were probably two to three Zealots on any one level. Although, Field Masters in Halo 2 were much more sneaky and only appeared on the Legendary difficulty with few exceptions.

In Halo 2, during the levels Sacred Icon and Quarantine Zone, the player comes across a band of Elites being led by Rtas 'Vadumee. He appears to be the highest-ranking Elite there, before the Arbiter arrives and thus probably would've held the title "Field Master".

However, it is also true that perhaps a Zealot was present at some other location, but never featured and 'Vadumee's unit was merely a detachment of his (or perhaps 'Vadumee had a Zealot superior that was killed during the battle and thus he temporarily took over the role of Field Master).

The Arbiter could also be looked at as a rank that could potentially hold the title of Field Master. Councilors, should one of them ever decide to take part in military operations, would probably also hold the title of Field Master.


So far, only Zealots have been featured as Field Masters as Field Master is a Zealot rank. Although it is highly possible that an Ultra would be a Field Master when there are no Zealots. In the Fleet of Retribution a Special Operations Elite or even a Major may have been forced to take on the role of Field Master. They have no changes in their golden armor to distinguish them from other members of their rank (for example, it is impossible to tell a Zealot Field Master apart from a Zealot Ship Master based on their armor alone). Should other ranks take on the position of Field Master, it is likely little or no changes to their armor would be made, perhaps it will never be.

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