艦隊マスターはコヴナント海軍の中で非常に地位が高いSangheiliです。 「エリート」のこの階級は任務部隊と小艦隊を指揮します。 [1]

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小さな艦隊が契約海軍という完全から離れているどのような任務のためにでも必要な時はいつでも繁茂していて、艦隊マスターは使命のためにいくつかの軍艦のコマンドを割り当てられて、与えられるでしょう。 これは、それらが人類でいえばUNSC少将と等しい契約であるかもしれないのを示します。 艦隊マスターがそのような高気圧の階級であるので、万一、まだ未確認であるけれども、彼らの上官の最高指令官または帝国海軍将官が宇宙戦闘中にKIAまた、MIAならば、彼らが艦隊全体を指揮することができることは仮定されます。

Rank Whenever a small Fleet is needed for any mission away from the entirety of the Covenant Navy, a Fleet Master will be assigned and given command of several warships for the mission. This shows they could be the Covenant equivalent to a UNSC Rear Admiral. Since Fleet Masters are such a high rank, it is assumed that they may also command the entire Fleet should their Supreme Commander or Imperial Admiral be incapacitated during space combat, though this is still unconfirmed.

They normally operate from a large warship, such as a Reverence-class Cruiser. An example of this can be seen in Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, in which the Fleet Master Voro Nar 'Mantakree operates from the Reverence-class Cruiser Incorruptible .[2]

The Arbiter, should their role ever require it, could probably be assigned the role of Fleet Master. As well, should Councilors decide to get involved in military operations, they too could probably have the authority of rank to command an entire Fleet, even having Zealots subordinate to them.

Physical Appearance Fleet Masters don't appear to have any changes on their armor from other Elites of the same rank (for example, it is impossible to tell a Zealot Fleet Master apart from a Zealot Field Master based on armor alone). Their armor is Gold/Yellow.

Trivia When Voro 'Mantakree was promoted from Major Domo to a Zealot Fleet Master, an extra part was added to his name, making it Voro Nar 'Mantakree. A Fleet Master may prospectively have more authority than a Field Master, since delivering an army to the battlefield may fall into one of the responsibilities performed by a Fleet Master. Known Fleet Masters Voro Nar 'Mantakree - Ship Master of the Incorruptible, who led a Fleet to follow the Bloodied Spirit to Onyx. Rtas 'Vadum - Ship Master of the Assault Carrier Shadow of Intent, Fleet Master of the Fleet of Retribution and Special Operations Commander of the Covenant. Unknown Fleet Master - a Fleet Master in charge of delivering the cryogenically frozen Catherine Elizabeth Halsey to Covenant space.

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