Shadow of Intent
Production information




Technical specifications

5,346 meters[1] (17,540 feet)


Greater than 862 meters


Greater than 700 meters[1]

Engine unit(s)

リパルサー・ エンジン

Slipspace Drive

Slipspace velocity





Navigation system

Possible AI

  • シラフ級戦闘機
  • バンシー
  • スピリット
  • ファントム
  • コヴナント ドロップ シップ
  • 上陸用舟艇
  • シャドウ
  • スカラベ
Cargo capacity

100両以上の車両/ 2隻のUNSC フリゲート

  • 空母
  • 輸送
  • 旗艦

Covenant Assault Carrierコヴナント海軍の旗艦である。




背景 編集

AC Cargobay


CCS級巡洋戦艦コヴナント空母よりも非常に大きく、少なくとも1基のエネルギープロジェクター[3]プラズマ魚雷[4] とパルスレーザー[5] で武装している。また、重力リフト[6]も備えており、人員や兵器を下ろすことができる。

SOEIV Interface


少なくとも3隻のCAS級が知られている。1隻は悔恨の預言者艦隊に属していた艦で、地球に初めて侵攻した艦であった。UNSC 太陽系艦隊がアフリカ軌道上で対峙したが易々と防衛線を突破し、防衛線下部に侵入した。2隻のアサルト艦が居たが、そのうち1隻はジョン-117が爆破した。

もう1隻は預言者が乗っていたと見られる艦で、ニューモンバサへ降下した。しかし、UNSC In Amber Cladと街に展開している海兵、ODST、マスターチーフの反撃を受けて占領に失敗しデルタヘイローへ逃走した。



武装 編集

AC Fire


As some of the larger ships in the Covenant Fleets are often used as fleet flagships, it is necessary for them to be heavily armed. Assault Carriers possess エネルギープロジェクター s which are powerful enough to cut through UNSC capital ships[7][8] on its ventral and dorsal surfaces. They also possess multiple pulse-laser turrets[9] used for intercepting enemy missiles and fighters, and plasma torpedoes for engaging in ship-to-ship combat and assaulting planetary defenses.

Assault Carriers are also equipped with at least one gravity lift, capable of dispatching troops, personnel, vehicles and equipment to the surface of a planet rather quickly. They also possess a large main hangar, capable of carrying multiple Seraphs[10] and Banshee fighter crafts, Phantom dropships and boarding crafts, or a UNSC Frigate.[11] In addition, Assault Carriers possess the ability to launch Drop Pods, tactically delivering Sangheili warriors into areas without resorting to bulky and obvious dropships[12]. These ships also carry the dreaded Scarab walkers in their holds for quick deployment.

特色 編集

1207838135 Bridge


  • Assault Carriers, like the vast majority of other Covenant ships, are characterized by their bulbous, sleek silhouette and pale white/blue hull. However, they also tend to be characterized by their unique swollen and bulbous "hooked" bow section that is frequently characterized to be similar to the head of a whale and would (theoretically) be a massive weakness as the ship could be blown in half comparatively easily.
  • Rather than possessing multiple smaller hangar bays, like smaller cruisers, Assault Carriers use a single, gargantuan hangar bay for storage of fighters, dropships, boarding craft and small capital ships, at least 500 meters long, 320 meters wide and 120 meters high. In Halo 3, however, there is a second hangar bay visible, near the stern of the cruiser, above the main engines.
  • For propulsion, Assault Carriers rely on large deuterium-tritium fusion reactors, housed in cavernous chambers[13], which power the ship's vital systems, as well as the three aft-mounted plasma drives that propel the ship, capable of operating in a vacuum or in an atmospheric environment. They also employ non-reactive gravity drives for standard maneuvering and hovering above the surface of a planet, resisting its gravity.
  • The UNSC Frigate Forward Unto Dawn is small enough to fit into the Shadow of Intent's Hanger. Therefore, it would be plausible that the Assault Carrier could easily carry small Covenant ships, such as a light Cruiser although the advantages of this would be few.

Known Assault Carriers 編集

Appearances 編集


Regret's Assault Carrier entering Slipspace over New Mombasa.


  • In an earlier plan of Halo 2, there was supposed to be a level where the Master Chief boards an Assault Carrier and destroys it from the inside called Covenant ship This level was also supposed to be the real introduction of Miranda Keyes. [14]
  • In the current US Navy, the term "Assault Carrier" refers to the Amphibious Assault Ship, used to transport troops via water and offload them via hovercraft or helicopter.
  • There appeared to be over 500 Assault Carriers and CCS-Class Battlecruisers seen jumping in over Delta Halo along with High Charity just before Spartan-117 killed the Prophet of Regret.
  • Near the ship's midsection is a symbol similar to the large hologram found on the Halo 3 Multiplayer map Epitaph.
  • On the level the storm if you look out to where the portal is you will see the carriers flying above and mining the portal by glassing it.
  • Although never confirmed, it is possible that the flagship Ascendent Justice was too an assault carrier leading the fleet investigating the destruction of Installation 04.
  • One of the few noticeable changes between the carrier(s) in Halo 2 and Halo 3 would be that Regret's carrier had visible structures that could be seen on the surface above the engines. However, in Halo 3, the structures are not visible but rather hidden by an added protective shell which can be pointed out in some of the cutscenes in which the carrier are seen engaged in space combat. This change was probably made in order to keep the carriers said structures intact during battle or to prevent chances of an invading Boarding Party.

Images 編集


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