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Ghosts of Onyx Cover
Conflict: コヴナント戦争
Date: 2552年10月31日-11月3日
Place: オニキス, ゼータ・ドラドゥス星系
Outcome: フォアランナーセンチネルの勝利
  • UNSCの残存兵力は撤退
  • オニキスの全滅
  • 侵略したコヴナント軍の全滅











The Battle of Onyx was a very large and prolonged military engagement between the Forerunner Sentinels, United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Separatists.


Sentinel Activation編集

Alpha Haloが崩壊し、その後シグナルが放出された全ヘイローは待機状態へ移行。その信号はフォアランナーの遺産である惑星オニキスにも達し、内部を防護していた全センチネルが起動、2552年10月31日にUNSC軍オニキス駐留軍に対し容赦ない猛攻が始まった。偶然にも、ガンマ中隊が訓練のため同地で活動していた。

センチネルの群れはグラディウス隊と軌道上に停泊していたUNSC アジャンクールをあっという間に撃滅しカタナ隊は捕虜となった。SPARTAN-IIIトレーナーであったメンデスとカート・アンブローズ少佐の両名を除いて殺害された。サーベル隊はカート少佐、トム、ルーシーの両名とメンデスを含めて再編成された。だがこの時点でUNSCは援軍を送ることはなかった。ONIが極秘としていたためであった。

ハルシー博士とケリー、AI ジェロッドUNSC ベアトリスによって惑星に達するがセンチネルの猛攻を受け艦は地上に墜落する。そしてカート少佐の部隊と合流を果たし、惑星を統括するAIに対しSlipspace COM Launcherを用いて救難信号を発信するよう説得し、折れたAIは救難信号を発信しランチャーを打ち上げるが、直後に破壊された。

メッセージをUNSCが傍受したとき地球も戦火に見舞われていた。しかしブルーチームと艦隊を派遣した。しかし、この信号はコヴナントにも傍受されており ハイチャリティ防衛艦隊に対しオニキスのUNSC勢力をすべて撃滅するよう命令された。

Blue Team and the Covenant Arrive編集

Blue Team, composed of Will-043, Linda-058, and Fred-104, arrived at Onyx aboard the commandeered Bloodied Spirit, but were forced to make their way down to the surface in a Spirit when their ship was attacked by Sentinels. Linking up with Kurt-051's group they planned to attack Zone 67. Using the Spirit they flew into a crater and discovered a Forerunner city.

At the same time, 'Mantakree's forces formed around the Incorruptible and began nearing Onyx. The Far Sight Lost was sent ahead to scout the environs but was quickly engaged and destroyed by Sentinels. Another scout, Absolution, was ordered to perform a precision Slipspace jump to the northern polar areas of Onyx, but the Sentinels followed it through Slipspace and the Absolution was destroyed upon exiting Slipspace. However, sufficient information had been gathered and 'Mantakree ordered his ground troops, including Elites from the E’Toro, R’Lan and N’Nono warrior crèches, to converge on Zone 67.

Battlegroup Stalingrad編集

Shortly after 'Mantakree had engaged the Sentinels, the UNSC Dusk arrived by Slipspace from Earth. The Prowler provided advanced intelligence for Battlegroup Stalingrad that arrived shortly thereafter. Intending to catch the enemy off guard, the UNSC force homed in on a group of Covenant destroyers and destroyed all but one destroyer. The UNSC Glasgow Kiss was sacrificed to preserve the UNSC Stalingrad from plasma fire from the lone destroyer. Escape pods from the Glasgow Kiss were used to intercept three of the four lances of fire.[1]

Despite taking multiple hits, the Covenant destroyer fled to the other side of Onyx, leading the UNSC force into a trap of twenty additional Covenant warships. Several more Covenant destroyers were eliminated, but the launch of a massive plasma volley forced the UNSC ships to accelerate into the attack and close the distance to forestall a second volley. Only five UNSC ships survived the charge, of which one, the UNSC Iwo Jima, was destroyed when she detonated a nuclear weapon in her engine, destroying a further two Covenant warships and damaging six more in the ensuing explosion.

Defeated once more, the remaining Covenant ships withdrew again to the opposite side of the planet but were there attacked by Sentinels who used plasma capture to destroy yet another three destroyers. Realizing their peril, the Covenant ships began to withdraw from Onyx's gravity well. Two ships were used as a rearguard and one was destroyed. 16 ships escaped in all.

The intervention of the Sentinels allowed the UNSC ships time to regroup around Onyx's moon. There Dusk laid a minefield of 14 HORNETs, each rating at thirty-megatons with vacuum enhanced loads. The UNSC warships then opened fire from behind the moon, hitting some of the enemy but causing negligible damage, but drawing the Covenant's attention. As the Covenant closed to engage and entered the field the HORNETs were detonated, destroying all but four of the remaining Covenant warships. Two of these were immediately set upon by the UNSC and destroyed. The remaining two whipped around the moon and as battle was about to be joined again, a Covenant Fleet of 32 ships arrived from Slipspace. Battlegroup Stalingrad was completely destroyed, except for Dusk, in the one-sided engagement that followed. Battlegroup Stalingrad amazingly destroyed a total of 20 Covenant ships throughout the battle before being totally annihilated by the arrival of the covenant fleet.

Retreat to the Shield World編集

While the UNSC and Covenant Fleets traded space-borne crossfire whilst in orbit, in the Forerunner city Kurt-051's group of survivors was engaged by Covenant troops led personally by Voro Nar 'Mantakree. The Spartans (both II's and III's) held off the enemy advance while Halsey, aided by Kelly-087 and Mendez, configured Onyx's teleportation grid, their means of escape. Dante-G188 was killed rescuing Fred-104 from plasma and Needler fire. Once the teleportation grid was functioning, the humans moved to the Sentinel Production Facility near the north pole in the aim of destroying it. At the advice of AI Endless Summer, this would save Battlegroup Stalingrad. Halsey identified three key structures in the facility and they were destroyed by tricking Sentinels into firing on them. Moving on, Kurt-051's group came upon Team Katana trapped in some sort of Slipspace stasis pods. Unable to free the prisoners, the humans were forced to bring the sarcophagi with them as they traveled to the Core Room Antechamber where they prepared a stand against pursuing Covenant troops.

While two legions of Grunts attacked Lieutenant Commander Kurt-051 and his forces atop the stepped structure, the remainder of the attackers setup stationary shield generators and placed three groups of thirty Elites and one Hunter pair behind each shield. From this jump-off point, the Elites formed a wall using shields taken from Jackals and began to advance through grenade and sniper fire. When the Covenant reached the first step, redeployed Lotus mines killed several Elites and dazed Hunters. One Hunter was dispatched by Kurt-051 before they could recover. Kelly-087 engaged and killed three sword-wielding Elites and was then flanked by two more Hunters but was saved by Holly-G003, who was killed in the effort.

The Spartans piled onto the two Hunters. Kurt-051 was wounded. Will-043 killed one Hunter, that had been shot by Linda-058, in hand-to-hand combat but was in turn shot and killed by the second. The last Hunter was killed by Fred-104 with a Jackhammer missile.

However, the main Covenant assault with hundreds of Elites, Banshees and Grunts, was yet to come. Realizing it was futile for his diminished force to resist further, Kurt-051 ordered the survivors into Shield World while opting to remain behind to prevent the Covenant from reopening the portal. With 'Mantakree approaching to finish off the wounded Spartan personally, Kurt-051 detonated two FENRIS warheads, killing himself and the entire enemy force in the Antechamber as well as triggering the Sentinels of Onyx to "erupt." With the portal closed, his comrades who had escaped into Shield World were trapped, but unharmed. His last words were: "Die? Don't you know? Spartans never die."

Destruction of Onyx編集

With the Shield World closed and gated by Kurt-051, Onyx 'disintegrated' into its trillions of component Sentinels. The Covenant Fleet, so recently victorious against the Humans, were finally obliterated by the swarm of vigilant constructs. Only the UNSC Dusk managed to escape alive and intact. It is not known whether the data the UNSC Dusk carried ever reached Earth.


Space 編集

Ground 編集





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