"何物かが接近中 船体は識別不可能です!"

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2524年6月12日 (Age 28)

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UNSC 海兵隊

"Lance Corporal Kojo Agu. Romeo. Real lucky with the ladies you'll hear him tell it, but all I care about it is his aim-his luck with targets at long range."
Buck describes Romeo.

コジョ-"ロミオ"アグ (サービスナンバー 14606-85099-KA)はUNSC海兵隊降下歩兵である。戦闘はアリエル[1] と2552年末の第一次地球戦を参加している。[2]

要約 編集



Early Life and Military Career 編集

Romeo was born in the Castra arcology in Castra on Madrigal in 2524. Before enlisting in 2541, he served in the UNSC Commercial Fleet as a Merchant Marine. He later became an ODST when he angered the Governor at the colony of Castra by having an affair with said Governor's wife. This prompted the Governor to call upon people he knew in the UNSC who in turn sent Romeo into the ODST to keep him away from the Governor's wife. During his tenure with the ODSTs, Romeo served on various colony planets, such as Coral, Mamore, New Jerusalem, and Beta Gabriel, with a remarkable 100% kill rate.[3]

Battle of Ariel 編集

In early 2552, Romeo and Dutch served in an ODST unit commanded by MSgt Frost. Before deployment to planet Ariel, he and another ODST were discussing the Spartans and expressed extreme disbelief over their claimed fighting prowess. When another ODST, Brimley heard this, he told them that a teenage spartan trainee had killed his friend Langston 27 years ago. In his typical fashion, Romeo burst to laughter, ridiculing Langston for being killed by a teenager. This led him to a fight with Brimley, and he was quickly subdued until Dutch interfered in the fight. Sergeant Frost confined them both to their quarters because of the fight. Later, on the planet surface, they were cut off from the rest of the ODSTs, inside the colony's generator complex.

First Battle of Earth 編集

Halo3 ODST-Romeo

Romeo in his armor.

During the First Battle of Earth in October 20, 2552, Romeo served as a Marksman in an ODST squad led by GySgt Edward Buck. The squad was a part of a larger ODST unit, with a mission to attack the Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier stationed over Earth's city of New Mombasa. At the last moment before the drop, an ONI operative known as Dare took command of the squad in order to use them for her own classified mission.

In mid-drop, Dare commanded the squad to steer their drop pods' trajectories away from the carrier. Right after this, the carrier jumped into Slipspace above the city, generating a massive EMP shockwave which disabled the pods' electronic systems. The pods were scattered around the city.

Later that day, Romeo reunited with Buck and the two made their way to the NMPD Headquarters building. Dutch and Mickey had acquired an NMPD Pelican dropship, and were ready to pick up Romeo and Buck from the platform, but they were shot down by two Banshees. Romeo and Buck then proceeded to find and rescue their squadmates.[4]


  • Although born on Madrigal, Romeo's name and appearance hint at his East-African descent.
  • Romeo is unlocked for use in Firefight by getting the NMPD HQ achievement.
  • According to his Career Service Vitae Romeo enlisted when he was only 16 years old.
  • Sergeant John Forge and Romeo both share the same voice actor, Nolan North.
  • When he was being interviewed by Buck, he was asked to vision a flower in his mind. Romeo envisioned a woman's flower tattoo on her left breast.



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