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"If you're going to practice divide and rule to maintain some sort of equilibrium at ONI, it's not enough to just set people against one another. The trick is to make sure that you get some useful work out of them as well. Otherwise just dispose of them and save yourself some time."
—Admiral Parangosky to then-Captain Serin Osman.

マーガレット・オレンダ・パランゴスキー(Margaret Orlenda Parangosky)[1] (UNSCMID 03669271)[2]UNSC Office of Naval Intelligenceのディレクターであった。


彼女は2461年に生まれた。彼女に関しては「氷の様に鋭く、冷たい」人物であったと記されている。[3] 彼女はとても強力な人物であった。キャサリン・ハルセイ博士 は彼女を無視して生きる一人だと注目されていたが、ジェームス・アクソン 大佐は彼女をUNSCで最も危険な人物であるとしていた。2511年には少将[4]2531年には中将[5]。そして、その後大将に昇進している。[6]

2530年のグロームブリッジ-1830艦隊戦後にプレストン・コール 提督がプロトコルの案を作成し、提出する。この案はコヴナント地球発見を困難にする為のものであった。パランゴスキーはこれを承認し、以降このプロトコルはコール議定書として知られるようになった。


Restriction of Onyx編集

In 2511, Parangosky restricted the planet Onyx from the rest of the UNSC after Forerunner ruins were discovered on the surface of the planet that same year.[4] She presumably ignored a Geological Expedition Team's request to conduct further surveys on Onyx as well. She returned several times to check up on and report on the project; however, with nothing to show for its efforts, the project was eventually sidelined in 2525 so that funding could go elsewhere.[2]


In 2531, Parangosky attended a meeting with Rear Admiral Ned Rich and Captain Aaron G. Gibson aboard the UNSC Point of No Return. During this meeting, Colonel Ackerson proposed the SPARTAN-III project, which would produce large numbers of expendable supersoldiers. Parangosky approved the creation of Alpha Company and authorized a plan in which Junior Grade Lieutenant Kurt-051 would be abducted and put in charge of training the SPARTAN-IIIs.[7]

In 2537, Parangosky went aboard the Point of No Return to review the progress of the SPARTAN-III program and to authorize the formation of Beta Company, following the recent destruction of Alpha Company in Operation: PROMETHEUS.[8]

Later career編集

By 2552, Parangosky had risen to rank of admiral and was named the head of the Office of Naval Intelligence. She continued working aboard the Point of No Return, green-lighting some of humanity's most controversial projects.[6] At one point, she adopted the "washed-out" SPARTAN-II candidate Serin Osman as her protégé, grooming her to be her successor. It was noted that Osman is almost like a "granddaughter figure" to Parangosky, and one of the few people she cared about.[9] By late March 2553, she was on the verge of retiring and planned to recommend Osman as her replacement. When Jul 'Mdama escaped she went to Shield World Trevelyan to arrest Dr. Magnusson and replaced her with Magnusson's aide Hugo Barton. As of 2558, Serin Osman had been promoted to Admiral and was head of ONI following Admiral Parangosky's resignation.


Even though she is in her nineties, Parangosky still has a very strong and determined personality. She is quite calculating, never doing anything without a clear purpose and outcome. She recognises that she has done questionable and even inhumane things during her career, but is confident that what she did allowed more people to survive than had she acted otherwise. She is feared throughout the UNSC, soldiers even referring to that fear as "Parangosky-itis".


  • Her name is seen on a memorial plaque inside the ONI Alpha Site on Earth. As the Halo Encyclopedia states that she was still alive and on board the Point of No Return at that time and a reference to Parangosky is made in a transcript of the psychological evaluation of Frederic-104 during the start of the invasion of Earth in the 2010 re-release of Halo: First Strike. This is obviously an ONI cover up as she appears in Glasslands and Thursday War.
  • Her motto is "Strength through Paranoia".
  • She is stated to prefer the speed and maneuverability of a frigate to the brute strength of a flagship.



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