Biographical information
Spartan Tag 030
Birth date2511
Death dateSeptember 7th, 2552
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy
RankPetty Officer Second Class
BattlesBattle of Sigma Octanus IV, Fall of Reach and numerous others
ClassClass I: 2525




2517年、当時6歳のVinhはキャサリン・E・ハルゼイ博士によって SPARTAN-IIの候補者として選抜、徴兵(自宅からの誘拐)を受けた。彼女は惑星リーチに送られ、そこで他のSPARTAN-Ⅱ候補者たちと共にAI デジャフランクリン・メンデス兵曹長による訓練を受ける事になる。その後彼女はSPARTAN-Ⅱに施された身体増強処置を生き延び、シグマ・オクタヌスIVの戦いを初めとする コヴナントとの戦いに臨んだ。


Vinhは2552年の惑星リーチの戦いに参加していた。彼女はFrederic-104が指揮を執るスパルタン・レッドチームに配属されており、惑星リーチ地表に設置されたMACガン用のジェネレータを防衛する任務に就いていた。しかしその任務中、彼・彼女らの搭乗するペリカン降下艇、ブラボー1が被弾した為にスパルタン達は機体から飛び降りることを余儀なくされる。 Vinh was wounded during this jump, suffering from a torn deltoid muscle, three broken fingers, and a herniated disk.[1]

Fred then assigned her to Delta Team, under charge of Will-043. Their mission was to secure the fallback position for the Spartans: CASTLE Base.[2] Vinh, Will, and Isaac were separated from three other Spartans and the remaining members of Charlie Company but arrived at CASTLE Base.[3] They were unable to enter the facility until Fred and Kelly met up with them and Kelly whispered Oly Oly Oxen Free into the speaker of the facility. Dr. Catherine Halsey was present, and opened the door for them. She was then checked out by Dr. Halsey and sent to survey perimeter defenses for the facility. This proved unnecessary however, as the Covenant attacked immediately.


Vinh, Isaac, Fred, Kelly, Will, and Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey were then trapped under CASTLE Base for several days after Halsey activated Operation: WHITE GLOVE to destroy the base and keep it from falling into enemy hands. Vinh was able to upgrade her MJOLNIR armor with parts salvaged from the base. These upgrades were being conducted in field-testing and had yet to be certified. Vinh received a new linear accelerator added to her shield system, essentially doubling its shielding output.

After Fred discovered the massive room containing the Forerunner Crystal, it sent a massive radiation spike that allowed the Covenant to triangulate on the group's position. A Covenant Gravity Lift quickly appeared. The group retreated to a nearby tunnel, as Vinh and Isaac dropped Satchel Charges to cover the Spartan's tracks. The Charges detonated, but Vinh and Isaac disappeared. They could not be raised on the COM. Vinh is listed as MIA, but is assumed to be KIA.[4]

Trivia 編集

  • On Halo: First Strike, pages 121 and 148, Vinh is listed as Spartan-029. This, however is Joshua's Spartan Tag.


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