Biographical information
Spartan Tag 034
Birth date2511
Death date2525年 11月27日
Physical description
Hair colorブロンド
Eye color
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC 海軍
BattlesBattle of Chi Ceti
ClassClass I: 2525

"I think I'm in love..."
—SPARTAN-034 commenting on the MJOLNIR Mk. IV armor

サミュエル-034二等兵曹は、UNSC 海軍 特殊作戦グループ セクションIIIに所属するSPARTAN-IIの一員である。


サミュエルは当初、最初期に育てられたスパルタンの中では最も能力の高いスパルタンと考えられていたようだ。ジョン-117曰く、彼は優れた聴力と視力を持っていたという。[1] また彼は体格にも恵まれており、日焼けした体はスパルタン候補生の中で最も背が高く、身体増強手術からの回復も最も早かった。[2] サミュエルはフレデリック-104やジョン-117のように優れたリーダーシップを発揮する事は無かったが、海軍での任務中はジョンの副官的なポジションから任務をサポートする事が多かった。その一方、無関係な民間人に多数の死傷者が出るのは明白であるにも関わらず、反乱軍の拠点にC-12爆薬を仕掛けて破壊する事を提案したりと、冷酷な側面も度々示していたようだ。また彼は他のスパルタンと比べて社交的な面があり、ユーモアのセンスにも恵まれていたと言われている。


Biography 編集


2517年、彼はUNSCにより六歳でスパルタン候補生として徴兵される。フラッシュクローンと置き換えられた彼は惑星リーチへ送られ、そこでフランクリン・メンデス兵曹長とAI デジャの元、他の候補生と共にスパルタン候補生としての訓練を受けた。



訓練初日。Military Reservation 01478-Bで行われた訓練で、メンデスはスパルタン候補生達を三つのチームへと分けた。サミュエルとジョン、ケリーはこの時に一緒のチームへと振り分けられた。




惑星リーチのハイランド山脈にあるMilitary Wilderness Training Preserveでの訓練時、サミュエルはジョンとケリー、ファジャド-084リンダ-058と協力してUNSC海兵隊の分隊を制圧、ペリカン降下艇を奪取する。ジョンはこの訓練の後、正式にチームリーダーへと昇進した。

その後、スパルタン候補生たちは惑星リーチ軌道上にあるONI Medical Facilityにて身体増強手術を受ける。ファジャドを初めとした数十名の仲間が死亡あるいは障害を負う中でサミュエルはこれに見事に適合し、術後の回復も全スパルタンの中で最も順調な経過を見せる。彼はUNSC アトラスで行われた、手術に適合できずに死亡したスパルタン候補生の葬儀に参加した後、ハイランド山脈で行われるスパルタンとしての最終訓練に参加する為にリーチへと帰還した。

Infiltration on Eridanus Secundus編集

Main Article: Assault on Eridanus Secundus

Sam was chosen in 2525 to go on the Spartans' first mission, to Eridanus II. He and the team boarded the Laden, infiltrated Eridanus Secundus, and captured Colonel Robert Watts. He blew off the hangar doors, allowing his team to escape, but killed whatever Rebels were in the hangar, excluding Colonel Watts.

The Human-Covenant War編集

Sam later attended the UNSC briefing by Admiral Michael Stanforth and Beowulf about the emerging Covenant threat.

The Spartans were later sent down aboard the UNSC Commonwealth and went to the Damascus Testing Facility on Chi Ceti IV to be equipped with MJOLNIR armor.

Later on the Commonwealth, a Covenant Frigate appeared in the system and engaged in a fight with the ship, damaging it. As the Covenant prepared to finish off the Human ship, the Spartans, aboard a Pelican Dropship, launched themselves into space, and managed to land on the surface of the ship. Sam, Kelly, and John were the only three Spartans who made it onto the ship, gaining access through a hole created by a MAC round.

As they entered and explored the frigate, Sam was struck in the side by an overcharged bolt from a Plasma Pistol wielded by a Kig-yar soldier while trying to protect John from harm. The shot burned a sizable hole in Sam's unshielded armor. The Spartans managed to make it to the engine room of the ship and planted several ANVIL-II ASM missiles on the fusion generator; however, their only means of escape was an EVA, but this was impossible for Sam since the vacuum seal in his armor was compromised. Rather than die in the vacuum of space, Sam volunteered to hold off the Covenant forces and allow the missiles to explode, destroying the entire ship. John later marked Sam as MIA because "Spartans never die"; it is believed that the morale of the public and servicemen alike would fall dramatically if they found out that the legendary Spartan supersoldiers could actually be killed.[4]


Sam was the first SPARTAN-II to be killed in combat during the Human-Covenant war. Despite that fact, and his short career of fourteen years, Sam is regarded as one of the most important Spartans. He was even referenced by Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose, just before his death in November 2552 during the Battle of Onyx. This is to show that Sam had a close relationship with all the Spartans, not just the members of Blue Team.

It seems that his position as John-117's second in command was subsequently taken by Frederic-104 and Kurt-051 in authorizing the Spartans and commanding them in battle.


  • There was a number tag conflict between Sam-034 and Fhajad-084, but it has been widely accepted that Sam was, in fact, SPARTAN-034 because he was given that number first.
  • In Halo Wars, Spartans will occasionally say "For Samuel!" after killing an enemy unit.
  • Samuel-034's codename is another 7 reference (0+3+4=7).
  • "Sam" is one of the name options for customized Loadouts in Halo: Reach, along with the members of Noble Team and several SPARTAN-II's.[5]

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