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Qualomee was a Sangheili assigned to Installation 04 in the 9th Age of Reclamation. After the Pillar of Autumn was shot down over Installation 04, 'Qualomee was captured by the Marine and ODST forces who survived.



Becoming rather disillusioned about the Covenant, 'Qualomee told Captain Keyes and Fireteam Charlie during an interrogation that he had been part of a group that had delivered a shipment of weapons to a structure in the swamps of the Installation.[1] However, the weapons were not found, implying that he was either lying or perhaps, had in fact delivered weapons to the massacred Covenant black ops teams found KIA there.

It is unknown what happened to 'Qualomee after he told Keyes where to go, but was most likely killed when he was taken aboard the Truth and Reconciliation after the ship was captured by the Humans. He may have been consumed by the Flood that was later released and most certainly perished in the catastrophic destruction of Installation 04.


  • 'Qualomee most likely has a "first" name, but it is never mentioned, nor is his rank.
  • It is unknown if 'Qualomee actually knew that the Flood were in the swamp, or if he had merely intended to send Keyes into a Covenant strong point. It's implied at this point in the book that the Covenant did not tell most of their soldiers about the Flood, until they tried to evacuate the ring entirely.
  • Many Covenant crates were found around the area, possibly containing weapons. This would imply 'Qualomee wasn't lying, and what he said was true. The Covenant probably didn't know of the Flood threat, as of then.



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