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The .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun is a firearm of human ground forces. It is primarily used by the United Rebel Front, and it is commonly called the "Confetti Maker" due to its ability to tear apart targets.

Design Details

The .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun is incredibly inaccurate, although it partially compensates by its high rate of fire. It is only moderately effective at medium range, and long-range engagement is near-impossible. At close range, however, it becomes highly effective. It acquired its nickname from its almost excessive rate of fire, shredding nearby targets into pieces similar to shards of confetti.

Other human firearms can do the same amount of damage with higher accuracy and a similar rate of fire as the .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun. As a result, it has been phased out of many ground forces, including all UNSC units, in favor of the MA5 Series. It has since become a standard weapon in the rebel factions alongside the similarly phased-out MA3 Assault Rifle and HMG-38, due to its availability on the black market, and the difficulty of getting UNSC Grade Weapons.

It is capable of firing both normal and armor piercing rounds, such as the MUTA-AP-09334.[1]


The .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun became the standard infantry weapon of the United Rebel Front around 2531. These rebels used them against Spartan-II Blue Team when Blue Team attacked a United Rebel Front encampment, Camp New Hope, on the planet Victoria in the 111 Tauri system. The rebels were mostly killed by Kurt-051 during the process of rescuing the captured Spartan-IIs.



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