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031 Exuberant Witness is the monitor of the Genesis facility.[1]


Like most Forerunner Monitors, Exuberant Witness exhibits the standard pleasant tone and general lack of emotional response, happy to refer to everything, including dangerous situations, with little more than mild concern.

As with other Monitors, she exhibits a more volatile response to threats both perceived and imaginary to her charge, and is quite capable of spite.[2]

History Edit

031 Exuberant Witness was the Monitor of the Genesis installation and, therefore, had total control over its functions. This changed when Cortana arrived. The Warden Eternal, along with Cortana, revoked most of Witness's administration privileges, albeit she still had the ability to activate doors and bridges as well as access Genesis's teleportation grid.

Exuberant Witness would assist Jameson Locke and Fireteam Osiris with her remaining privileges. When Cortana attempted to leave with her Guardian and the Cryptum that contained John-117 and Blue Team, Exuberant Witness told Fireteam Osiris that they had to destroy the relay to regain control. Locke barely managed to destroy the relay, which allowed Exuberant Witness to regain her privileges and disconnect the Cryptrum from the Guardian. She stated that because Cortana took her installation away from her, she would take the Cryptum as an act of revenge. Constructors later opened the Cryptum to free Blue Team.


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