1 Flag CTF is a variant of Capture the Flag.

One team is offense, their job being to infiltrate the enemy base, whether by stealth, brute force, or other tactics, and grab the enemy's flag. Then, the flag carrier must return to the flag stand in their own base while avoiding the other team because they will be trying to get their flag back.

The defense's job is quite obvious. Defend the flag, and if it is captured, kill the carrier, and guard the flag until its timer runs down and is returned to base.

1 Flag CTF Fast is exactly the same as the normal CTF, except that the timer is much shorter each round, thus making it harder to make a capture, so different, clever tactics are often used for this game.


  • Using vehicles, if available helps. It's much faster to travel by vehicle while capturing a flag, rather than traveling on foot, which also makes you more vulnerable to enemy fire. This is even more important if this game is played on a large map, such as Avalanche.

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