Jovian Moons campaign Begins[edit | edit source]

Jovian secessionist attacks on United Nations Colonial Advisers on the moon Io led to three months of fighting between the Earth military and Jovian "Frieden" forces. Though this was not the first armed conflict in the Sol system, it was easily one of the bloodiest, and is generally considered to be the spark of increased friction and militarization that followed. The Jovian Moons campaign escalated tensions, as Earth's national governments, many of which sponsored colonies within the system, began fighting proxy wars off-planet. As these continued, tensions on Earth mounted, leading to a number of armed conflicts on Earth itself. [1]

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Conflicts of particular historical importance included the Jovian Moons campaign, Rainforest Wars, and a series of clashes on Mars. As overpopulation and political unrest on Earth increased, a number of new political movements formed. The most noteworthy dissident movements of the period were the "Koslovics" and the "Frieden" movement.
  • The Koslovics —supporters of neo-Communist hardliner Vladimir Koslov, sought a return to the glory days of Communism and the elimination of corporate and capitalist influence, particularly in orbital facilities and off world colonies.
  • The Frieden movement was a resurgence of fascism, springing from anti-Koslovic sentiment that had taken root in the Jovian colonies (largely backed by Unified German Republic corporations, frequent targets of Koslovic "workers' crusades"). "Frieden" literally means "peace," in this case; they believed that peace could be achieved only once the "oppressors on Terra Firma" were eliminated.[2]

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