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January Edit

2nd Edit

Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne, along with Captain Ponder, begin training Harvest's Colonial Militia.[5]

16th Edit

The militia goes on another march, this time with 25 kg rucksacks. In the aftermath, Johnson and Ponder attend Harvest's Solstice Celebration. Johnson is briefed by Jilan al-Cygni as to why he and Byrne are here; to prevent Insurrectionist attacks on UNSC freighters.[6]

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18th Edit

  • Fortitude wakes up, the hangover effect of the stimulants taking hold. The Vice Minister of Tranquility alerts him to the Luminary detections made by Minor Transgression. They resolve to use them to usher in an Age of Reclamation and secure their position as the next trio of Hierarchs.[10]
  • Walk of Shame is dispatched to Reach to request that FLEETCOM send a battle group in the event of first contact escalating into bloodshed.[11]

19th Edit

Johnson regains consciousness and is debriefed by Nils Thune and al-Cygni. Johnson resolves to accelerate the militia's training.[12]

February Edit

3rd Edit

Harvest's Tiara makes long-range radar contact with the Covenant cruiser Rapid Conversion. Contact is lost with Harvest soon after.

11th Edit

23rd Edit

  • The evacuation of Harvest begins. In the process, 22-23,000 civilians are killed.
  • Loki destroys the Tiara.

March Edit

6th Edit

ONI declares Onyx classified after the discovery of Forerunner relics.[15]

9th Edit

Spartan-IIs undergo rigorous chemical, physical and biological augmentations. Thirty three Spartans successfully pass the alterations. Thirty subjects die, and twelve are permanently disabled.[16]

30th Edit

Funeral service for those who died undergoing augmentations in the SPARTAN-II Program.[17]

April Edit

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The Argo, a scoutship for the Colonial Military Administration, arrives in the Epsilon Indi system to investigate the ceasation of any contact from Harvest. The vessel transmits a confirmation of arrival.

21st Edit

Mack detects the UNSC Argo in orbit and attempts to make contact to warn it off; he fails to warn the Argo in time and it is destroyed.[18]

22nd Edit

John-117 kills three soldiers and severely wounds another from the 105th Shock Troops Division in a scuffle aboard the UNSC Atlas.[19]

May Edit

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Preston Cole's liver fails from cirrhosis, and is subsequently replaced - as are his damaged heart and endocrine system - with flash-cloned transplants.[20]

July Edit

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Mack begins burying the maglev strands of the Tiara.[21]

10th Edit

  • The Covenant ship broadcasts the following message: "Your destruction is the will of the Gods...and we are their instrument" in complete English, showing that the Covenant have been studying Humanity for some time.[23]

September Edit

11th Edit

Spartan-IIs train with Mjolnir armor in the Reach UNSC Military Complex. Dr. Halsey determines the soldiers are ready for their first mission.[24]

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Colonel Robert Watts is captured by a Spartan-II team in an asteroid base in the Eridanus system.[27]

November Edit

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UNSC is put on full-alert for the Covenant.[28]

2nd Edit

  • The Spartan-IIs are informed of hostile contact with the Covenant and the fate of Harvest. They are introduced to Project MJOLNIR.[30]

27th Edit

  • The Battle of Chi Ceti.
    • The Spartan-IIs are attacked by a Covenant ship while aboard the UNSC Commonwealth above Chi Ceti IV. The Spartans escape to the surface of the planet.[31]
    • Within the UNSC Damascus Materials Testing Facility, the Spartan-IIs are introduced and fitted with the Mjolnir Mk. IV armor.[32]
    • The Spartan-IIs board the Covenant ship. They plant explosives at the ship's reactor and detonate them, destroying the ship.[33]
    • Samuel-034 dies during the destruction of the Covenant ship.[34]

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