• The first year of training for Spartan-III Alpha Company (the children for the project were brought to Onyx on December 27 of the previous year to determine who stayed or washed out).[1] Catherine Halsey is made aware that several augmentation chemical precursors were routed through ONI, raising her suspicions that they are replicating her work.
  • A transmission (possibly sent by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez) was sent to the Reach Military Complex.[1]
  • Photojournalist Jake Courage gets into a disagreement with his editor. Although the details remain ambiguous, it is believed that Courage wanted to print a series of pictures from a deadly Unggoy attack. His editor refuses on the grounds that they are too graphic, and so Courage leaves the paper and staged his own exhibition. The photos won him critical acclaim and set him up as a well-respected war photographer.
  • The Battle of Vodin takes place.
  • Spartan-II Randall-037 is listed as MIA
  • August 24: Paul DeMarco is born on Algolis.[2]

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