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UNSC Infinity begins Spartan-IV deployments to Requiem in operations referred to as "Spartan Ops," beginning the Second Battle of Requiem in early February. The Battle of Ealen IV takes place in early March, the Battle of Ven III takes place in early May, and the Battle of Oban takes place in mid-July.



February 2[]

  • Infinity 5k charity fun run for Earth-based personnel. The run begins at the stem of the ship and ends at the stern.

February 7[]

  • UNSC Infinity returns for its second tour on Requiem to establish research facilities on the world. Various Fireteams including Majestic and Crimson are deployed to Requiem.

February 8[]

February 9[]

  • UNSC Infinity's Poker Night.

February 14[]

  • Atrium Park Valentine's Dance aboard UNSC Infinity.

February 18[]

  • Cage Wrestling Fights are held aboard UNSC Infinity.

February 21[]

  • Infinity Day. Ceremony held aboard the ship.

February 25[]

  • UNSC Infinity holds a Chilli Cook-Off in the ship's Forward Mess Hall.


March 3[]

March 5[]

March 10[]

March 11[]

  • UNSC Infinity encounters the abandoned and damaged Pilgrims' Pride in the Artesia-702 System. Vehicles and equipment aboard are identified by after-action teams as belonging to UNSC Spirit of Fire.

March 24[]


May 8[]

  • An ONI drone identifies a bio-weapon laboratory on Ven III.

May 9[]

  • Spartans Thorne and Ray are deployed to the surface of Ven III to seize the bio-weapon and eliminate the Sangheili mercenary carrying it.

May 10[]


July 16[]

  • The Battle of Oban occurs.

July 18[]

  • UNSC Infinity is stranded in an unknown system after its Slipspace drive is sabotaged.


October 2[]

October 23[]

October 25[]

October 27[]


November 7[]



Losses and Deaths[]


Human Deaths[]

Covenant Deaths[]