One random player is the Juggernaut of the game, the other two are teammates. Only the Juggernaut can score and get kills, so the game objective is to become the juggernaut. 10 points wins the game.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This is a fairly standard game of Juggernaut with three players. The two players unfortunate enough not to be the Juggernaut try to score a kill on the opposing Juggernaut. Once one player gets a kill, the Spartan or Sangheili player becomes the Juggernaut. However, if the current Juggernaut has 3 kills, for example, the other players must get 4 kills to obtain the Juggernaut position. The previous Juggernaut and the other player then try to kill the new Juggernaut. This goes on until a player scores 10 kills as the Juggernaut. The first player to score 10 kills as the Juggernaut wins the game. This is not one of the more popular Juggernaut variants, probably due to the fact that only the juggernaut can score.

This puts an emphasis on teamwork and then suddenly working against each other again. This game type works best when the Juggernaut gets increased speed and damage or even active camouflage but that's 2 on 1 Ninja Juggernaut.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is best to use teamwork to kill the juggernaut, especially if he has active camo and/or overshields.
  • Even though whoever kills the juggernaut becomes the juggernaut, in certain cases it is good to stick with your team member but always try to separate your self from your partner when attempting to kill the juggernaut so you have a better chance to disappear or have an advantage/attack first when you successfully kill the juggernaut.

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