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343 Industries is a Microsoft Studios internal-build team that was established to create new properties for the Halo franchise.[1][2]




Known Employees[]

  • Bonnie Ross - General Manager [3]
  • Frank O'Connor - Franchise Development Director (formerly of Bungie) [4]
  • David Wu - Chief Technology Officer (former CEO and Director of Technology at Pseudo Interactive, Senior Software Engineer at Origin Systems)
  • Dan Ayoub - Executive Producer for Publishing (former Senior Producer at Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, Game Director at Propaganda Games)
  • Kiki Wolfkill - Executive Producer on Halo 4 (former Art Director at Microsoft Studios)
  • Josh Holmes - Executive Producer on Halo 4 (former Creative Director on Halo 4. Was VP and General Manager of Propaganda Games, Lead Designer at Electronic Arts)[3]
  • Kazuma Jinnouchi - Music Supervisor/Composer
  • Tim Longo - Creative Director [5]
  • David Berger - Development Manager on Halo 4 (former Development Lead at FASA Studio)
  • Sotaro Tojima - Audio Director on Halo 4 (former Sound Designer and Audio Director at Kojima Productions)[6]
  • Chris Lee - Lead Producer (former Lead Producer and Producer at Microsoft Studios, Program Manager at Microsoft)
  • Vic DeLeon - Lead Mission Artist on Halo 4 (former Senior Environment Artist at Bungie, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach)
  • Brad Welch - Lead Designer on Halo 4 (former Lead Designer at Electronic Arts, Pandemic Studios)
  • Will Christiansen - Gameplay Animator on Halo 4
  • Nicolas 'Sparth' Bouvier - Lead Concept Artist (former Lead Concept Artist at Ubisoft)
  • Jesse Snyder - Lead Designer on Halo 4 (former designer at Treyarch, purported creator of the Nazi Zombies gametype)
  • Ray Almaden - Lead Level Designer on Halo 4 (former Senior Designer at Electronic Arts, Guerilla Games and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
  • Fredrik Persson - Lead Gameplay Engineer (former Lead Programmer at Pandemic Studios)
  • Nick Bell - Lead Mission Artist (former 3D Artist at id Software, Senior Environment Artist at Edge of Reality, and Senior Prop Artist at Midway Games)
  • Paul Pepera - Environment Artist (former Environment Artist at id Software, 3D Artist at Timegate Studios, founder of Tryptych Studios)
  • Brien Goodrich - Cinematic Director on Halo 4 (former Art Lead at Turn 10 Studios, Lighting Supervisor and Associate Art Director at FASA Studio)
  • Neill Harrison - Art Manager on Halo 4 (former Art Manager at Rare)
  • Kevin Grace - Managing Editor [7]
  • Jonathan Goff - Community Manager (formerly of McFarlane Toys)
  • Jason Pace - Publishing Producer [8]
  • Jeremy Patenaude - Content Creator (formerly of AscendantJustice.com) [3]
  • Jacob Benton - Mission Designer (formerly of AscendantJustice.com)[3]
  • David Ellis - Spartan Ops Designer (formerly of 1up.com)
  • Maggie Oh - Senior Technical Artist (formerly of Pixar)
  • Patrick Gillette - Gameplay Animator (formerly of Bungie)
  • Tim Diaz - 3D Artist (formerly of Sony Santa Monica)
  • Brian Reed - Writer (former writer at Pandemic Studios)
  • Armando Troisi - Narrative Director (former Lead Cinematic Designer at BioWare)
  • Daniel Price - Senior Service Engineer (former Software Development Engineer at Microsoft)
  • Sally Huang - Producer on Halo 4 (former World Art Intern at Bethesda Softworks, Technical Artist at Electronic Arts)
  • Che Chou - Studio Producer (former Community Manager at Turn 10 Studios)
  • Kathy Gehrig - Associate Producer (formerly of Valve)
  • Corrine Robinson - Associate Producer (former manager at McFarlane Toys)
  • Veronica Peshterianu - Associate Producer on Halo Waypoint (former Production Intern at Electronic Arts Redwood Shores)
  • Greg Murphy - Dr. Designer (former Design Director and Software Test Engineer at Microsoft)
  • Matt Aldridge - Lead Character Artist (former Senior Character Artist at Lucasfilm, Character Artist at Electronic Arts Los Angeles)
  • Joe Waters - Software Development Engineer (former Lead Engineer at Monolith and Hidden Path Entertainment, Graphics/Effects Developer at FASA Studio)
  • Rj Ranola - Environment Artist (former Environment Artist at Raven Software and Electronic Arts Chicago)
  • Derrick Hammond - Environment Artist (former Environment Artist at Raven Software)
  • Donnie Taylor - Environment Artist (former Contract Artist for Bungie, 3D Artist at Liquid Dragon Studios)
  • Wade Mulhern - Senior Environment Artist (former Senior Environment Artist and Cinematic Artist at Sony Computer Entertainment America)
  • Mark Champigny - Cinematic Artist (former Senior Animator at Raven Software and Activision, Animator at Electronic Arts Chicago)
  • Adam Peterson - Senior Environment Artist (former Environment Artist at Sony and Namco)
  • Tonya Noerr Tornberg - Senior Animator (former Senior Animator at Animal Logic and Sony Pictures Imageworks, Animator at Electronic Arts)
  • Bryce Cochrane - Animator Director (former Animator at Electronic Arts Blackbox, Art Director at Kuju Entertainment)
  • CJ Markham - Motion Capture Supervisor (former Lead Animator at Rockstar Games London, Animation Consultant at Rockstar San Diego, Course Content Providor at Autodesk)
  • Eric Will - Senior 2D Artist and Graphic Designer (former Artist at id Software, User Interface Artist at Electronic Arts Chicago)
  • Andrew Bosold - 3D Environment Artist (former 3D Generalist at Valkyrie Entertainment, Lead Artist at Wandering Samurai Studios)
  • Greg Cox - 3D Environment Artist
  • Jonathon Wood - Senior Effects Artist (former Lead FX Artist at n-Space, senior VFX artist at Electronic Arts Tiburon)
  • Justin Dinges - Environment Artist (former freelance artist at Glitchless, Senior Environment Artist and Multiplayer Level Designer at Raven Software)
  • Scott Parrish - Lead Creature Technical Director (former Lead Creature TD at Industrial Light and Magic, Character Pipeline TD and Cloth Technical Director at Sony Pictures Imageworks)
  • Daveed Kaplan - Sr. Character Artist (former Art Director at Atari, did contract work as Art Director and Digital Sculptor for Square Enix, Marvel and Todd McFarlane Design)
  • Liz M. E. Chung - Multiplayer Designer (former Designer at 2K Marin, Associate Game Designer at Crystal Dynamics)
  • Clive Burdon - Animation and Cinematics Producer (former Senior Producer at Neversoft Entertainment and Paradox Development, Producer at Leftfield Productions)
  • Gavin Carter - Sr. Producer (former Producer and Design Intern at Bethesda Softworks)
  • Paul Parsons - Sr. Game Designer (former Game Designer at Disney Interactive Studios and Backbone Entertainment)
  • Alexander Boczar - Lead Infrastructure Engineer (former Technical Director at Pandemic Studios, Lead Programmer at Unique Development Studios)
  • Adam Pino - Gameplay Developer (former Lead Tools and Systems Engineer and Senior Software Engineer at Pandemic Studios, Programmer at Idol Minds)
  • Matt Brown - Senior AI Developer (former Lead AI Engineer at 2K Marin, Senior Software Engineer at Electronic Arts)
  • Alex Cutting - Producer (former Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Studios)
  • Chris Haluke - Sr. Mission Designer (former Lead Level Designer at Guerilla Games and Propaganda Games, Level Designer at Ubisoft Montreal and Artech Studios)
  • Jason Behr - Sr. Mission Designer (former Senior Designer at Monolith Productions and Retro Studios, Design Consultant at Bluepoint Games)
  • Paul Ehreth - Mission Designer (former Product Designer at Good Science Studio, Technical Artist at Microsoft Research, Game Designer at Sony Online Entertainment)
  • Wei Wiharjo Chan - Environment Artist (former Lead Artist at Killspace Entertainment, Senior Artist and External Art Producer at Pandemic Studios, Artist at Vivendi Universal)
  • Kendall Deacon Davis - Designer (former Screenwriter at Mirror Images, Program Manager at Microsoft, Writer at Swolecat Studios)
  • Dave Bolton - Junior Concept Artist (former Concept Artist at ArenaNet and Hourglass Games)
  • Justin Lippert - Level Builder (former Web Designer at LeadingMD, Lead World Builder and Level Designer at queSPECK Studios)
  • Tiana Los - User Interface Artist (former Web Advertising Designer at AT&T)
  • Brendan Wilson - Tools Developer (former Game Programmer at Koei Canada, Engineer at ATI)
  • Quentin Rezin - Encounter Designer (former Scripter and Level designer at inXile Entertainment)
  • Josh Kerwin - Public Relations
  • Chad Armstrong - Designer (former Multiplayer Designer at Bungie)
  • Eric Hewitt - Professional Halo player [9]

Former Employees[]

  • Christopher Schlerf - Senior Writer on Halo 4[10]
  • Scott Warner - Lead Game Designer on Halo 4 (former Designer at Pandemic Studios and Black Isle Studios)
  • Corrinne Yu - Principal Engine Programmer on Halo 4 (former Director of Technology of Gearbox Software, creator of Borderlands, Lead Engine Programmer of 3D Realms, creator of Prey, Director of Technology of ION Storm, creator of Deus Ex and Anachronox)
  • Kenneth Scott - Senior Art Director on Halo 4 (former Art Director at id Software) [11]