Halo Reach - How to get four banshees on

Halo Reach - How to get four banshees on

The video detailing this easter egg by Rooster Teeth.

4 Banshees on "The Package" is an easter egg in Halo: Reach that allows you to fly four Banshees during The Package.


This guide uses the pictures in the Gallery below for a better understanding, so check the Gallery if any problems occur.

Start The Package with at least 2 players. Clear the first area, but keep at least one Ghost drivable. Use the Ghost to push the crate away, showing nothing but wall. Keep at least one player near this wall while the other claims the Scorpion.

Clear the tower and some forces nearby. Jump in the water behind the rock (a soft-kill barrier is active here) and turn the green switch present. When this switch is turned, the wall cleared earlier now holds a similar switch. Let another player turn it quickly because it will disappear forever after about 10 seconds.

When this switch is turned on, at first glance, nothing happens. But on the other building’s roof now stand 4 Banshees to be flown throughout the rest of the level. When any of these Banshees are destroyed, they can only be returned by restarting the level and following the steps all over again.



  • This Easter Egg can be done on any difficulty.
  • This Easter Egg makes the level on Legendary much easier, if the player is skilled enough with the Banshee.
  • Once this Easter Egg is started, you can not destroy the two AA guns.
  • Using the Banshees, one can see that the Revenants, Ghosts, and Shade turrets guarding Sword Base do not spawn until the AA guns are destroyed.
  • This easter egg can make the AA guns invincible. However, if you destroy the AA guns before activating the easter egg, you may proceed easily through the level.
  • Doing this easter egg also makes the death barriers disappear so you can explore freely.[verification needed]

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