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The 50 Degree Banshee Fire is a glitch that can only be performed in Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo PC.

How to perform the glitch.Edit

To perform the glitch, play any level with a Banshee (i.e. Assault on the Control Room or Two Betrayals). Fly the Banshee to a tree and fire its main weapon while facing the tree. The Banshee will have to be in close proximity to the tree for the glitch to work. The Plasma bursts will barely graze the tree and shoot upwards, so you could, in theory, take out units directly above or below you.

Another way to do this at any time is to have the Banshee move as far up as possible and while still moving upwards firing the Banshee will also cause the shots to travel at a horizontal line.


  • Although this is possible to do with the Banshee's Fuel Rod shot, it is not safe because the Fuel Rod has its own set of in-game physics and thus is affected by gravity. As such, it may sometimes hit the tree and damage the player.

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