51 Pegasi-B is a planet located in the 51 Pegasi system on the fringes of UNSC-controlled space, and is close to 85 Pegasi-194A.[1] It was also home of the small moon of Pegasi Delta.

The Covenant constructed a massive refinery on the planet's moon, Pegasi Delta.[1] Serving as a supply station, the system was to be a Covenant forward staging post for incursions into UNSC space, as Covenant ships would come here and refuel, resupply, and gather to attack the enemy.[1] In 2545, the Spartan-III Beta Company was sent on an attack on this facility during Operation: TORPEDO. Though they successfully destroyed the facility, 296 of the 300 Spartan-IIIs in Beta Company were massacred in a suicidal frontal assault, with the exceptions of Min-B174 after his death in an explosives accident and Adam-B004, who died when the facility exploded. These incidents only left Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292 alive.


  • The planet 55 Pegasi b and the star 51 Pegasi exist in real life, within the constellation Pegasus, 50.1 light years from Earth. 51 Pegasi b was the first ever planet discovered orbiting a sun-like star.



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