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Halo Alpha

6 vs 6 is a Halo 2 playlist that is very similar to Big Team Battle, but with up to only 12 people. It plays a variety of slayer and objective variants.


Ranked: Yes

Min Players: 10

Max Players: 12

Team Count: 2


1 Flag CTF: Relic

1 Flag CTF: Terminal

Neutral Bomb BR: Coagulation

Team Rifles: Colossus

Team Slayer: Turf

Team Slayer BR: Burial Mounds

Team Slayer BR: Coagulation

Team Slayer BR: Relic

Team Slayer BR: Terminal

Team Slayer BR: Zanzibar

1 Flag CTF BR: Burial Mounds

Assault BR: Burial Mounds

Team Slayer BR: Headlong

Team Slayer: Lockout

Team Slayer: Sanctuary

Assault: Relic

Multi Bomb BR: Coagulation

Multi Flag CTF: Sanctuary

Multi Flag CTF BR: Coagulation

3 Plots: Terminal

Multi Bomb: Sanctuary

Multi Bomb BR: Colossus

Multi Flag CTF BR: Colossus

1 Flag CTF Covenant: Zanzibar

Neutral Flag: Sanctuary

Team Snipers: Burial Mounds

Team Snipers: Headlong

Team Snipers: Terminal