957-A3 was a Scorpion tank built by the UNSC. It had what appeared to be an arrowhead or lambda symbol painted on its left front tread cover.

Operational HistoryEdit

In 2552, 957-A3 was assigned to the UNSC In Amber Clad. That year, during the Battle of Earth, the tank was landed in downtown New Mombasa to fight the Covenant and the Scarab walker that was loose in the city. The tank was landed in front of the building being used by the 405th as a staging area, just in time for the Scarab to appear. The tank fired its main gun at the Scarab, to no avail. It was then destroyed by the Scarab's main cannon.[4]


The 957-A3 about to be destroyed by the Scarab's main cannon.

The tank was later used in the War Games simulation Coagulation.[5]


  • It is possible to save this tank from destruction. When arriving in this area to destroy the Wraiths, steal a Ghost and keep it alive. When the door opens to let you into the building, take the Ghost inside. With a little time and patience, you can get the Ghost (or a Warthog) to the roof. Once on the roof, drive off and towards the tank as soon as possible. Get in the tank and move it straight back. If you are quick enough, the Scarab will not fire, and the tank is saved. The pilot whose ride you just saved is probably alive too, and he may even hitch a ride on the tread plating of 957-A3. Oddly, however, even though he appears to be grasping a weapon, he isn't holding anything, apparently handling an invisible firearm. This registers back to why he is there now, and what was supposed to happen to him. Even if you do manage to save this tank, you cannot continue with this tank through the rest of the level, since patrolling the cities from here isn't the objective; you're supposed to walk up the area you drove the Ghost/Warthog through where you will then be on the platform where you can board the Scarab.


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