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A2Dam 2

A2 Hydroelectric Facility.

A2 Hydroelectric Facility[1] is a hydroelectric dam in Tanzania in the East African Protectorate. Located along the Weru Weru River, it is a part of the Global Water Campaign installations in the jungle south of Mount Kilimanjaro supplying water to the GWC Trans-African Pipelines. By the 26th century, while the main facility of the GWC had fallen into disrepair, it seems that the dam was at least partially active by 2552 as evidenced by newer equipment present in the facility.

During the Battle of Earth, shortly after John-117 was recovered from the jungle, Sergeant Major Avery Johnson was captured by Covenant forces and detained along with several Marines inside an outbuilding at the facility. They were later freed by John-117 and Thel 'Vadam. Following a skirmish with supplemantary covenant forces, the three of them and all surviving Marines were then extracted by Kilo 023.[2]


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