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The ADP-class escort is a type of support vessel used by the Covenant, and attached to their wandering fleets.

These vessels were more common in the Covenant's core regions than in crusading fleets. As it was a ship for shepherds and protectors, escort ships were considered rare and valuable ships in the Covenant's arsenal.[1] The ships originated from an Age of Conversion when the Covenant spread the religion of the Great Journey to a new species. As the Age of Conversion was also an age of conflict, ADP-class escorts were commissioned to provide protection to Covenant merchants and pilgrims from pirates that lurked throughout the empire's space and the greed of zealous ministers seeking to expand their influence and wealth.[2]



  1. Halo: Fleet Battles is set during the Fall of Reach, and seeing as this is featured in it, ships of this classification must have been present.


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