AMG Transport Dynamics, also referred to as Asklon,[1] is a vehicle manufacturing company.


In 2321, AMG worked out an exclusive contract with the CMA. This gave AMG the ability to fill almost all of their land-based vehicular needs.[2]

In 2483, AMG began to expand their production to lightly armored ATVs.[3] The first line in this new expansion was the Mongoose Line.[4]

During the Human-Covenant war, many of AMG's vehicles ended up on the frontlines. From Harvest[5] to Reach,[6] from Installation 04[7] to Installation 00.[8]


It had contracts for light-armored vehicles for the UNSC Army, Navy, and Marine Corps as well as other vehicles in UNSC colonies. It also had an exclusive contract with the CMA.[2]



Military VehiclesEdit

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