Were you looking for the Insurrectionist ship, the Kestrel, mentioned in Halo: The Cole Protocol or the deleted Kestrel aircraft from Halo 2?
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The AV-30 Light Assault VTOL, also known as the Kestrel[2] is a VTOL vehicle that is currently only featured in Halo: Spartan Strike.[2] It was originally designed by Mega Bloks.[3]


In the vein of the Hornet and the Sparrowhawk, the Kestrel is a heavily armed, full mobility combat flier designed to operate in confined environments, such as forests, cave interiors, or even a skyscraper-dense metropolis. Unlike the other UNSC VTOLs which often have limited push mobility due to their turbine placement, the Kestrel has three turbines, one of which is a rear-mounted thrust system that allows the vehicle to quickly and deftly navigate narrow spaces, as well as engage swift enemy fliers like the Covenant Banshee. Lightly armored and capable of carrying only a single pilot, the real benefit of this vehicle is its armament. Below its flanking turbines hang twin autocannons (GAU-10/A HAC) and a pair of rocket pods (M302 Class-1 GMLS), both of which are extremely competent arsenals when providing ground support or engaging in air-to-air combat.




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