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Captain Cutter prepares to take the fight to the Banished by attacking Atriox's field commander, Decimus.

A New Enemy is the second level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign.


Captain Cutter deploys Spartan Jerome-092 alongside a small infantry force near a Banished outpost where Decimus is overseeing a salvage operation. Jerome and the infantry clear their way through small banished camps and garrisons with the occasional assistance of Hornets and Kodiaks. Pelicans drop off other small group of infantry along the way until the UNSC forces reach a banished outpost.

Once they destroy the banished base, they set up a new HQ of their own. After building up a sizeable ground force while also defending their base from small assaults of Banished infantry and light vehicles, Jerome and the marines launch an attack on a Banished Stronghold, where they encounter and engage with Decimus after the base is destroyed. Once Decimus is heavily weakened by the UNSC, he escapes through an Ark teleporter, after which he proceeds to plasma bombard the UNSC forces as well his own soldiers.


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Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt AHistoryOfDecimation A history of decimation Completed A New Enemy 10G

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