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Aaron G. Gibson was an officer of the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence.


Gibson, was head of ONI Section Three's Black Ops division, which was the hands on wet-work counterpart to Covert Ops, the section of ONI headed by Rear Admiral Rich. As a field officer, he suffered from "Space walk."[1] That year, Gibson, Rich, Vice Admiral Margaret Parangosky, and Colonel James Ackerson met aboard the UNSC Point of No Return to discuss the Spartan-III project. Gibson, being jealous, was very much opposed to the Spartan-IIs, frustrated by their success, as opposed to that of his own projects. He favored the proposal of a third-phase Spartan project and gave the go-ahead for it to begin.

His death is derived from the fact that his name appears on the ONI Memorial at ONI Alpha Site in New Mombasa.

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