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The Abdel

Benjamin Giraud overlooking the Abdel as it departs New Mombasa

Abdel was the name of a small boat used to transport survivors away from New Mombasa during the initial Covenant attack against the city on October 20, 2552.[1] The Abdel was one of the last remaining boats to depart New Mombasa's waterfront, and carried important information regarding the Covenant's plans for Earth.

Battle of EarthEdit

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Benjamin Giraud, a war-time photographer and investigative journalist,[2] used the Abdel as a means to get a translated Covenant recording out of the city to the UNSC High Command. At the time, Giraud worked in Old Mombasa helping ONI to create propaganda and manipulate the news into a more "digestible" format for the public. However, when the Covenant attacked, the train Giraud was on was hit by falling debris. After he awoke in the hospital, Giraud joined a small resistance force, and managed to record and translate a Sangheili message saying "We need to clear this area before we can secure access to the Ark."[3]

New Mombasa Waterfront

People escaping New Mombasa during the Covenant attack.

Giraud then attempted to escape with the information, but discovered upon his arrival at the waterfront that the whole city's population was trying to leave using anything that could float. Unable to board one of the boats himself, Giraud gave his laptop containing the recording to a child crying alone by the shore. Giraud looked on as the child escaped aboard the Abdel, not knowing if the information would ever reach the proper authorities.[4]


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