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Ace of Spades was a Mariner-class transport ship.[1]

Operational HistoryEdit

The Ace of Spades is owned and captained by Lucy Forge and is used as a salvage vessel.[1]


The ship was modified for its use as a salvage ship, possessing an advanced sensor array; a military-grade slipspace drive; two fusion engines; six thrusters, and advanced navigation, and communications equipment.[1]


The majority of the ship is dedicated to cargo storage with the following:

  • Bridge
  • Mess/lounge with observation deck
  • Medical bay with Cryo for eight people and a small gym with showers
  • The captain's quarters
  • Five crew's quarters
  • engineering

Stealth TechnologyEdit

The Ace of Spades's hull is coated with Stealth ablative coating.[2]




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