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An Active Camouflage Combat Form is a variant of a Sangheili Combat Form. They appear in Halo: Combat Evolved and in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and are transformed Stealth Sangheili.  Several of them were infected by the Flood during the Battle of Installation 04.


This variant of Flood has the same amount of health as a normal Sangheili Combat Form. However, Active Camo Combat Forms possess different qualities. Since their host's Active Camo armor is still functional, it allows these Flood forms to turn invisible, making them deadly foes. Additionally, these Flood forms don't carry any weapons.

Due to the new graphics in Halo: Anniversary, these enemies are significantly more of a threat than they were in Halo: Combat Evolved. The Active Camo of the Combat Forms in the first game was extremely clunky. The "invisible" effect made them look gray, and didn't blend the Flood into their environment. In the new graphics, however, it is near impossible to see those types of Combat Forms. They are difficult to deduce from their surroundings and will take advantage of your confusion, mauling you with deadly effect.


This variant of Flood only appears in one level: The Maw. Close to the end of the level, when you are going to the Engineering room, don't. Instead, take the opposite hallway. There is an arrow on the floor that says "Armory." (Please note that if you don't go into the armory, it's okay. Cortana will inform you of it when you reach Engineering.) When you enter the Armory contacts will start to appear on your motion tracker. The first enemies you will encounter in the Armory will be the Active Camo Flood forms. They will enter through a door in the back, near the Rocket Launchers. It is tough to kill these enemies because they are invisible, and if you don't spot the "air auras" around them, they will kill you within seconds. These forms are followed by some normal Combat Forms and will sometimes have already exited the room in which they spawn. It is possible to lure these forms out of the Armory and even all the way to Engineering, where they will be attacked by Sentinels.