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“If words were troops, you would lead a mighty army.”
Noga 'Putumee to Ado 'Mortumee

Ado 'Mortumee was a Sangheili spy for the Covenant Council of Masters. He wore a blue combat harness, indicating that he was likely a Minor.[1]


He was sent as a spy to observe the capture of Captain Jacob Keyes as the human and some of his bridge crew attempted to escape the pursuing Covenant.[2] He watched from his Banshee as Keyes was captured and the rest of the survivors were executed by a group of Sangheili who had been deployed from a Spirit-class dropship.

Later, he was sent to report on Field Master Noga 'Putumee's actions as the Field Master commanded an ambush of a human supply caravan led by First Lieutenant Melissa McKay. One of the Marines in the convoy, Lance Corporal "Snaky" Jones, a sniper, shot 'Mortumee as the spy stood next to the Field Master. The bullet went up and out 'Mortumee's head, causing it to violently explode. The Field Master managed to dodge Jones' second shot, which was aimed at him. 'Putumee, having earlier been criticized and forewarned by 'Mortumee that his report would contain a mark-up of several mistakes and severe losses in battle, was amused, as he'd have the privilege of writing 'Mortumee's field report, himself.



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