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Aine was an artificial intelligence construct built by the United Nations Space Command. The construct was the temporary AI for the UNSC Infinity, until Captain Del Rio picked a permanent AI to help maintain the ship.


While aboard the UNSC Infinity, she was bothered with the Huragok since they didn't document the modifications they were making to the ship, leaving her unaware of what they were doing.[3] She also felt somewhat useless and had to remind the crew that she had a role in the ship's operations. BB would easily get past Aine's security and take advantage of the ability during the Sangheili Civil War. She was present when Insurrectionists boarded a ship. She then recognized Ilsa Zane and was immediately taken offline.[4]

By 2557, Aine has been replaced as the ship's AI by Roland since she was destroyed during the crash.[5]



  • In Celtic mythology, Aine was the goddess of summer, wealth, and sovereignty



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