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“You are an idiot. The Captain rates the honorific 'sir.' You will render that honorific or I will plant my foot in your ass!”
— Lieutenant Hikowa

Lieutenant Aki Hikowa was a human of Japanese ancestry[1] and a member of the UNSC Navy. She had a long and slender appearance with long black hair.[2] She was also known to be cool handed and quite proficient in combat operations, in spite of a slightly aggressive nature and hot-temper.


Early career[]

In 2552, Lieutenant Hikowa was weapons officer aboard the UNSC Iroquois under Commander Jacob Keyes. She was a first-rate tactical officer[3] and had survived several battles with the Covenant prior to serving under Keyes, but she seemed to have all the deliberation of a sleepwalker. However, after the victory at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV she was markedly more enthusiastic about her job, and proved to be a useful officer.[4]

Later Career and Death[]

Hikowa transferred to the recently promoted Captain Keyes' next command ship, the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. She met Keyes upon his first arrival on the ship and gave him a rundown of the ordnance aboard the Autumn.[5] She resumed her role as tactical officer during the Fall of Reach. At the Battle of Installation 04, she escaped the Autumn aboard the same Bumblebee Escape Pod as Keyes, with the rest of the bridge crew, and the Marines assigned to guard it.[6] She remained immobile and expressionless when the corpse of Isna 'Nosolee floated towards her after Keyes shot it; she merely brushed it away.

On Installation 04, she was captured by the Covenant with Keyes when the group was betrayed by Ensign Ellen Dowski who led a group of Covenant to them, not knowing that they would not take prisoners. Hikowa was about to confront the traitor Dowski when one of the Sangheili shot her in the forehead and killed her with a Plasma Pistol.[7]


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