Aleria is a human outer colony within the Elduros system.[2]



When humanity first reached Aleria, Elduros began entering into an unstable period. Human terraforming also began on Aleria. Both of these actions created a terrible feedback loop on the planet, causing unpredicted weather. This then turned into massive droughts.[3]As of the year 2556, it hadn't rained on Aleria in over 103 years.[2]

Role of the Mols'Desias Mining UnionEdit

With a failing agricultural sector due to the droughts, mining took focus on Aleria. The Mols'Desias mining union, which had been founded years earlier in 2349, gained a monopoly over the jobs market on the colony due to this shift. At some point after this, members of Alerian courier guild named Blackdust killed Tarek Boesis, the leader of the union, due to their view that the union abused this power to force workers into low-paying jobs with long working hours.[4]

Distrust of GovernmentsEdit

After the final rainfalls on Aleria, the government began to simultaneously quell political dissidence and calm the public. The government had multiple attempts made to sway the UEG for support. However, these attempts appeared to fall on deaf ears. The populace felt split on who to actually blame for this inaction. Most say that the UEG is to blame, while only a few say that the Alerian government is the issue.[4]

Chaos and DisarrayEdit

In 2525, the Covenant attacked Aleria. Aleria had effectively fallen out of UEG control and territory. By 2553, Aleria's population was at about half of its former population.[3]

Later, in 2554, the Mols'Desias mining union, that had claimed dominance over the colony's economy, collapsed. This left many unemployed, with their only option being resorting to illegal activities such as smuggling.


Aleria once had a robust economy and was famous for its rich minerals. When the Covenant attacked, the planet's economy collapsed.[3]


After the droughts began, Aleria imported almost all of its food stuffs. When Mols'Desias took hold, Aleria proved to be a huge force in outer-inner colony trading of mined materials. They traded raw materials for everything including: food, electronics and spacecraft.[3] However, after long stretches of political dissidence and increased hatred of the UEG, the inner colonies halted trading with Aleria.[4] By the time the Covenant attacked the colony, food imports ceased.[3]


After the agriculture sector fell out, focuses shifted on mining the many resources that Aleria has. This resulted in a job boom and a renewal within the economy. After the Human-Covenant war, mining was big still.[3]

Physical AspectsEdit


Aleria is the second planet in its system. Elduros was ending a millennia long calm period right when humanity began colonization.[3]

Known ResidentsEdit


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