The Alluvion Research Center (ARC) was a large research site run by Liang Dortmund in Alluvion's Sundark Sea.[1]


When colonists returned to resettle Alluvion in 2554, they discovered a series of Forerunner shield pylons that had emerged and were holding back the Sundark Sea. After several years of investigation, they found a fuel material that had the potential to be more powerful than deuterium.[1]

In 2556, Liang Dortmund's aerospace division was given the contract to extract and test this material. Thus, ARC was created. Liang Dortmund created several space shuttles that were powered from this material.[1]

While mining the material in 2557, the shield pylons were mysteriously turned off, flooding the entire area and killing all who were in the ARC at the time.[1]



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