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Alo Sebukah, known as Denver by ONI, was a former Vice Minister of Abnegation in the Covenant and one of the few San'Shyuum to have escaped High Charity.[1]


Escape from High CharityEdit

Sometime during the Flood infestation of High Charity, the prophet had survived the onslaught and attempted to reach a Covenant harbor. On his way to the harbor, he accessed a terminal, and claimed to have heard Cortana's screams. It was at this moment that he realized that she was succumbing to the logic plague. He later managed to escape, taking a small frigate and a minimal amount of rations and fluids to survive.

Capture by the UNSC: Edit

Some time after his escape, the UNSC corvette UNSC Coral Sea found Denver 21,494 kilometers from Installation 05. He had barely survived his escape, and was near dead by the time the Coral Sea crew found him. He was taken to a facility named "Midnight" where he was interrogated by Oberon 5. Here, he explained everything that happened on High Charity, and the true reason as to why the Covenant limit the use of AIs. This was ONI's first direct confirmation of the logic plague.

In 2558, a Spartan-IV from Fireteam Apollo accessed the logs of DENVER's interrogation.


  • LC 08 doc1
    Denver lived in the Terrace of Illumination before High Charity fell.
  • He was born to the Sebalim'tet genetic lineage.


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