Andesia was a human colony.


Wishing to exploit Andesia's ecosystem, biotech consortiums funded exploration of the planet.[2]


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In 2523 like other colonies, a swath of Insurrection activity hit the planet. This was all in response to more and more control that was being exerted on the planet by Earth and Andesia's own de facto government. The capital city Noctus,[3] and the city of Promesa became battlegrounds.[2]

Human-Covenant war Edit

After a decade's worth of rebellion, the Covenant attacked the planet and created a brief commonality between the warring parties of the rebels and the UNSC: survival.[3]


The planet survived the war with an unknown overall condition. The UEG considers Andesia important in the reunification of human space. However, rebel factions reemerged from the war stronger than before. To train SPARTANs for a hypothetical peacekeeping mission,[4] several War Games simulations set on Andesia were created. This sparked some controversy.[3]


Andesia is wealthy.[4] Elements of Andesia's economy includes medical research, ultra-tech,[2] and shopping.[1]

Corporations On PlanetEdit

Some corporations call Andesia home. Either they have industrial/commercial space or administrative space on the planet. Some of these corporations are:


While officially the UEG was the main government party on Andesia, unofficially a megacorporate council acted as their main ruling party. Noctus is Andesia's capital.[3]

Physical AspectsEdit


Andesia has a rich ecosytem which contains exotic foodstuffs.[2]



Andesia appears to be one of three moons in orbit of a large planet.[5]




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