The Anlace-class frigate[2] was a frigate class starship in service within the UNSC Navy by at least 2558.[3] UNSC Infinity can house ten Anlace-class ships in its underside compartments.[2] Anlace-class ships were manufactured at Mars and Tribute.[4]

Class HistoryEdit


The Human-Covenant war left the UNSC with only a handful of starships.[5] Thus the UNSC had to rebuild its fleet. By 2558, the UNSC began to field the Anlace-class.[3]


Sometime after the Second Battle of Requiem, UNSC Infinity switched out its complement of Strident-class heavy frigates for Anlace-class frigates.[3] Anlace-class ships were also deployed to fight Covenant remnants occupying parts of the Outer Colonies.[4]

Anlace-class ships were with Infinity when it was deployed to Kamchatka.[6]


The Anlace-class is a unique departure from UNSC frigate design. The Anlace is one of the smallest frigate classes at 372 meters, nearly half the length of prior models.[1] The vessel lacks a spinal mount for a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.[7] It also places a heavier emphasis on atmospheric operations by utilizing maneuvering systems well adapted for atmospheres and using a lifting body design.[6]


Another feature of the Anlace-class that makes her unique among the frigate classes is her dedicated armament. The Anlace does not house a MAC gun or missile batteries as it's principal armament; instead being one of the first warships to utilize Directed Energy Weapons.[6]

Ships of the LineEdit


  • Several Anlace-class frigates can be seen in the background of Halo 5: Guardians' main menu.
  • An anlace is a type of dagger.[8]




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