Antigrav pack

An active (left) and inactive (right) antigravity pack.

The Antigravity pack is a propulsion equipment used by Elite Rangers and the Heretics to maneuver in any conditions between zero-gravity and normal-gravity (and possibly high-gravity as well, though this has never been demonstrated). It provides excellent mobility, and in no way hinders their combat effectiveness.[1]

In combat, this equipment allows Sangheili to easily dodge enemy fire and grenades to get in close or retreat when needed. They most likely work in a fashion similar to the Banshee's engines, encasing the user in an anti-gravity field that keeps them suspended in the air.


  • The UNSC uses less refined and less effective thruster packs for Zero-G movement, and another jetpack for conditions in which gravity is present.
  • In Halo 3, the Jiralhanae use a crude version of the antigravity pack, the Jump Pack, which allows them to jump long distances and slows their descent to prevent damage incurred from falling long distances. Jump Packs use jet propulsion rather than antigravity generators.
  • The antigravity pack may be used in Halo: Reach by Sangheili players with the Jetpack Armor Ability, however, it is not a true Anti-Gravity Pack as it uses engine thrust rather than an anti-gravity field and acts more like the Brute Jump Pack.
    • This is obviously for balancing reasons as a true Anti-Gravity Pack like the ones in Halo 2 would turn a Sangheili player into a miniature Banshee.
    • The Sanghelli Jetpack Armor Ability is still more effective than the Human Jetpack.




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