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April Orenski (SN: 45353-09738-AO)[1] is a Senior Officer Cadet at Corbulo Academy of Military Science and Hastati Squad leader.

Biography Edit

April was born and raised on Harvest by her parents, Roger and Madelyn Orenski. Both of whom were high ranking UNSC officers. She joined the Corbulo Academy of Military Science in 2523 as part of the class of 2526.[1]

At Corbulo Academy, she became the Senior Officer Cadet of Hastati Squad. She would lead the various training sessions of Hastati, like their PT runs.[2]

April would become one of three survivors of the Covenant's invasion of Circinius IV.[3] She did complete school after this, but details beyond this are unknown.[1]


  • April Orenski is portrayed by Enisha Brewster.



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