Aranuka was a platform-city built on the site of the former atoll of the same name in the Pacific Ocean of Earth.[1]


During the Battle of Earth in 2552, the platform-city was attacked by the Covenant Empire. They believed that a Forerunner artifact was somewhere under the platform. The United Nations Space Command eventually fought them back. Much of the city was destroyed in the process.[1]

Following the end of the war, the Unified Earth Government began Project Rebirth in order to help rebuild the planet. Aranuka was one place that was rebuilt by the Project. By September 2558, construction was done but not many people had moved back.[1]


The city housed a Space elevator.[1]


The city had one known school: the Admiral Harper High School.[1]

Known ResidentsEdit

Resided OnlyEdit

These were the people who were born elsewhere, but lived in Aranuka for an extended period of time.



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