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The Archimedes was a Remote Scanning Outpost located on the edge of the Sigma Octanus system, designed to detect incoming threats to the system. It was crewed by three individuals, including Ensign William Lovell.[1]


Human-Covenant War[]

On July 17, 2552, the Archimedes detected a large mass in Slipspace. ENS Lovell believed that it was simply a large asteroid and did not investigate further. However, it turned out to be a hostile Covenant naval formation inbound for Commander Jacob Keyes' Battle Group. Because of this incident, Ensign Lovell was transferred to the UNSC Iroquois by CDR Keyes.


  • Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, philosopher, and inventor who came up with many scientific and mathematical contributions that are still in use today. For example, he derived the formula of a circle without the use of calculus and discovered the length of extremely large real-world objects through use of trigonometry.

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