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Arizona was a political sub-division of the United Republic of North America (URNA).[1]


For much of Arizona's history, it was apart of the United States of America. Eventually both would be subsumed by the URNA.[1]

Human-Covenant warEdit

Main articles: Battle of Earth, URNA SW Campaign, and Operation: MARSH FLASH

In the waning days of the Battle of Earth, Fort Huachuca became a battleground. Jiralhanae forces built up defensive positions within the city. The UNSC attacked following the departure of the Anodyne Spirit from the East African Protectorate. A few days later a Nuclear weapon was detonated at the site. Finally, Operation: MARSH FLASH managed eliminate the threat.[2]


Main article: New Phoenix Incident

The Composer firing on New Phoenix from orbit.

In 2557, a reawakened Ur-Didact captured and then used the Composer on the city of New Phoenix.[3] The city would reopen nearly eight months later with a speech by UEG president Ruth Charet.[4]


List of LocationsEdit

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Known ResidentsEdit

Born InEdit

These were the people born in Arizona.



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