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Arris Le was an Alerian smuggler.[1]


Early life[]

Arris was born on Aleria. Unlike most Alerians, he did not work in the mining trade, and instead began working for the Alerian Courier Guild at a young age to pay of debts of his family. After the collapse of the mining union Mols'Desias, he started as a recruiter for the Courier Guild, convincing other workless miners to start working for them.[1]

Alpha Shard[]

In February 2556, Arris and his friend Haisal Wari were mining a material on a fragment of Installation 04, intending to sell the material to Sangheili terrorists. They were arrested by a team led by Jameson Locke and Randall Aiken.[2] Arris and most of the team survived an attack of the Thanolekgolo because Arris gave them info about the Lekgolo being drawn to technology and movement.[3]

When Horrigan and Gregory Ramos betrayed Locke and the others so they could flee with the Alerian Tug, they kidnapped Arris in order to start the Tug. During their retreat, Arris made a run for it and started the Tug. Before he could take off, Horrigan killed him.[4]



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