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Arthur-079, born Arthur Remo, was a SPARTAN-II Commando during the Human-Covenant war.



Arthur-079 was abducted and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program by Dr. Catherine Halsey in 2517 when he was six years old. He was then taken to the human colony world of Reach and trained by the AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Mendez along with the rest of the Spartan children.

The Package[]

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In 2544,[2] he participated in an operation to retrieve a captured Catherine Halsey from a Covenant Fleet, along with a team consisting of Solomon-069, Kelly-087, Fred-104, and led by John-117. Operating a Booster Frame in an attempt to infiltrate a Covenant ship, he was crushed between two CCS-class battlecruiser while providing cover for Kelly, whose own Booster Frame had been damaged. Presumably, Arthur was listed as MIA in accordance of the ONI Directive 930.[3]

Halo: Mortal Dictata[]

Arthur's surname was Remo. His father, Andy Remo, was a colonial criminal who spent years searching for his son, theorizing that the clone Arthur was replaced with was not his son. He later paired up with Staffan Sentzke, who also hadn't been fooled by the flash clone of his daughter Naomi-010. Before his death, Andy taught Staffan everything he knew, which eventually led to Staffan becoming a prominent arms dealer and colonial Insurrectionist.[citation needed] It is revealed to Staffan Sentzke upon inquiring that his friends son had indeed been abducted along with his own daughter and had died nearly 10 years before hand.


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