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The Artificial Lag Glitch is a glitch in Halo 3 that allows you to create artificial lag. The lag created in this glitch worsens as the game progresses.


To do this glitch, you have to start a forge game with at least two people. Figure out who the connection host is. Have the connection host spawn a shotgun on the ground, and have someone who isn't host stand near it. Perform the Arm Glitch with the shotgun, and then have the host let go of the shotgun once the person's arms disappear. Next, have the host spawn a plasma pistol. Swap the glitched shotgun out for the plasma pistol. Now, drain the plasma pistol all the way. Once it's drained, have the host spawn a BR, but don't drop it. If you did things right, the person who got glitched should be able to pick up the weapon while a monitor is still holding it. Pick it up and then have the host delete it. Now, have the person who got glitched go into monitor mode. If there is no crosshairs, then the glitch worked, and you can do something cool. If you have someone spawn a weapon on the ground, you can go over it and you will pick it up and instantly drop it, and make it look like you're riding a horse.


This glitch causes people to slide around instead of walking, and sometimes resembles the effects of a lag switch. People dying out of nowhere, frozen respawn counters, spawning inside of dead bodies, lots of black screens, and sometimes you even get the ability to go past kill barriers without dying. Sometimes, if there is a delay between when you press the up on the d-pad and when you enter forge mode, sometimes you can see a monitor appear out of nowhere in front of you.

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